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How old is your Mini Fashionista?!

What size is your Mini's head?!

What is your favorite style?!

Would you like a Holiday themed bow for each Holiday?

Holiday themed bows will ship the month prior to the holiday month! ex. Valentines bows will be shipped in January, Christmas bows will be shipped in November, etc.

Clips or No Clips?!

We know not everyone loves clips! Would you prefer all headbands, or a mixture of headbands and hair clips?!

Is this box being shared by sisters?!

Would you like a mixture of sizes for both?! If so, what are the ages?!

Would you like a Game Day Headband or Hair Clip!?

Have a favorite team?! Let us know the team name and if you would like a headband or hair clip!

Previous Boxes

Past boxes have included products like these:
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